Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sewing with a Three Year Old

Justin and I had a rare moment to work on a project on our own this afternoon (Kolachi was at doggie daycare and Alex playing with a friend).  Yesterday, we hit all of our favorite thrift stores, in search of "train and digger and plane fabric".  While we didn't find any train or digger goodies, Justin did walk away with an airplane fleece baby blanket.  We washed and dried it, and today decided to raid his stash of John Deere fabric (what....YOU don't have a stash of John Deere fabric?) to make a pillowcase for his bed.

He did all the pinning and sewing-- on Alex's machine!  I helped cut, guide the fabric and make sure that three year old fingers didn't get sewn into the pillowcase.  Washington County Fair, here we come!

The finished product!  The back side is all John Deere!  Front side is fuzzy airplanes.  Not bad for a pre-preschooler!

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