Saturday, March 29, 2014

Packerland Kennel Club show

After our morning trip to the emergency vet (Kolachi got into a blister pack of Tylenol Junior and had to be given a bunch of charcoal and have blood work done), I had to decide whether or not to go on with the weekend's plans.  Since she seemed to be doing fine, and Dave was willing to hold down the fort for a day and a half, Kolachi and I hit the road for a 'girls only' trip to Manitowac, Wisconsin- home of the Packerland Kennel Club.  We had a lot of fun at our first dog show in January, so we decided to try our hand paw at a second.  This one was a bit of a drive (6 hrs each way), but Kolachi's breeder and co-breeder were going to be there, so we thought it would be fun to see them and take a second look at our girl's conformation to see if she has the chops for the show ring.
 Last weekend the two captain's chairs came out of the minivan, creating a nice open space directly behind the passenger and driver's seat.  It fits a kennel rather nicely, and still has plenty of room for a kiddo 'staging area' in this snow/rain/mud season.
 Brad donated some hotel points to get us a swanky room at the Holiday Inn.  We shared the wing we were in with a bunch of other dogs, so sleep wasn't really on Kolachi's agenda.  She enjoyed alerting me every time someone in the hallway decided to close or open their respective door, as well as letting me know if there happened to be a fellow canine in the vicinity.  Because of the charcoal in her system, she was also constipated.....which made it super fun to try and take her out to go to the bathroom every hour or so 'just in case'.  She finally fell asleep at 12:30, but was back on duty by 4:45am--
Hey, I'm up....did you miss me!  BTW's- there's someone ACROSS THE HALLWAY!

Even though it was somewhat of a stressful night, she amazed me by behaving like a pro at the show.  We found our handler, Kent, setting up an outside grooming station.  It was quite chilly, and once Kolachi got her fur sprayed and brushed, we headed inside to warm up and watch a bit of the crowd.  We found a little perch at the top of the bleachers and took it all in.
When it came time for Riverrock's Black Velvet to be in the ring (the 9-12month puppy class), she did very well- she moved well, stood fairly well (for a puppy) for exam and behaved nicely (yay!), she took 2nd in her class (out of two ;-P), but since I had to stand in an awkward "out of line of sight" place, I couldn't get any good shots. 
We determined that while she does have a nice head and pretty feet and moves very soundly, she does not have the angulation that meets the standards in conformation.  It may develop a bit more, but for now we're going to stick with our other activities in earnest (agility, obedience, tracking and perhaps rally, and eventually therapy certification), and just keep dipping our toes in conformation to stay fresh.  I know that Alex is interested in being a junior handler, so the more experience Kolachi can get in the ring, the easier it will be for Al to show her well.  If nothing else, I had a BLAST hanging out with all the GSD professionals that I got to meet- what a wealth of knowledge and a great group of people.
Plus, it helps me be practice to be a therapy dog.  I need to learn to be well-socialized and calm in somewhat chaotic and loud settings....

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