Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No longer a 'little guy'!

Today was a BIG day for a BIG guy.  Gramps has been working on building Justin a set of 'big guy' bunkbeds to replace the crib-turned-toddler-bed that he's almost outgrown.  Gramps and Grams delivered it TODAY!  All the way from Iowa!

Disassembling the crib-- Justin was so excited!!!

We had some movers come and help us finagle the unit from the Uhaul up our twisty stairs and into Justin's room.  It was touch-and-go at times (Gramps performed emergency 'surgery' on it to get it in J's bedroom door), but they got it in!

 Daddy and Gramps assembled the unit--
 We've been searching for just the "right" sheets for months now.  Justin finally settled on dinosaurs and diggers.  Who would have guessed?
(Alex got to sleep on the top bunk for the inaugural test-drive)

A very happy Justin with his talented woodworking Gramps.  More posts to come on J's "new" room!

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