Monday, February 24, 2014

More Disney World Tips!

Stroller Details:  As I mentioned before, we rented a stroller from Kingdom Strollers, who have some great strollers to choose from.  For this trip with my six year old who never usually rides in a stroller, I requested the City Mini Elite.  It was big enough for Alex to ride (and nap, if she ever would) comfortably- no feet dragging on the ground.  The other nice feature of this stroller is that it folds up SO easily- just a one hand strap.  The only downside is that you can't keep your stuff in the basket underneath when you fold it (well, at least not much more than a few flattened ponchos).

How I jazzed up my stroller for Disney World:  Wrap your handlebar with a brightly colored ribbon.  It makes it INSTANTLY pop out of the sea of similar strollers in the massive stroller parking areas.  Disney cast members will move strollers around to maximize the area, so your carriage might not be exactly where you left it.  This ribbon solves that problem instantly, without the annoyance of a balloon tied to the handlebar (which I saw there, too-- same idea, more of a hassle).

 I snagged one of our velcro stroller-clips to add to the handlebar-- came in handy for the things that I didn't want to keep getting in and out of my bag-- namely hand sanitizer and a little led keychain light (which we brought for dark rides, but didn't actually use).

 Last tip:  Instead of a backpack or baby bag, bring a large see-through plastic bag that fits under the stroller when you're not using it.  It saved us MUCHO time in the security line (and several guards thanked me for using a plastic bag).  This one I recycled from my RunDisney race, and it lasted exactly three days before a hole appeared in the side-- so bring a couple if you have a longer visit.

In our bag (for those who are interested):
-Tiara and Princess Dress (this was our EPCOT Princess dinner day)
-Gluten-Free Pretzels and applesauce
-Small Medical Bag with children's advil, bandaids, neosporin, excedrin migraine and tums.
-Two rain ponchos
-Alex's ear protection (we used these with great success)
-a bottle of Powerade and a refillable water bottle
-one top layer and one bottom layer for Alex, who got pretty chilly in the morning and at night.

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