Sunday, February 23, 2014

Main Street Electical Parade

 After 'resting' and taking a quick dip at the hotel pool (it looks like a Mayan ruin, so we HAD to try it out, even though the water was pretty chilly), we repacked our bags and headed to Magic Kingdom to catch the Main Street Electical Parade.  I've heard a rumor that they're going to be phasing this one out soon, so we had to make sure to get it in.
 I officially have the BRAVEST daughter in the world.  We have spent some time watching ride-thrus of the Pirates of the Carribean ride, just because we all like the song at the end.  But the beginning of the ride is pretty dark and scary-- Alex insisted on going on the ride (as long as her Mama and Daddy were with her) and she enjoyed it!  Tip for enjoying Disney #253:  Bring hearing protection for sensitive kids.  Some of those rides are loud-- Alex was able to relax and enjoy when her headphones were on!
 We managed to snag a great spot while Daddy ran and got some street-food for dinner.  Alex cheated from her gluten-free diet and had some french fries and chicken fingers.  Fingers crossed that her tummy is ok-- it's been looking like we can slowly re-introduce some non gluten-free items!

 Sitting on Daddy's lap is the best place to view a parade.  We also brought a light-up wand from home ($7.95) and warded off the "i wants" when the $15+ light-up goodie cart made its rounds.  Yes!
 After the parade, we jumped on Small World, because there was no one in line.  Alex loves that ride, and was delighted to see all the colorful dolls from around the world.
 We exited Small World just as the fireworks show had started.  Luckily, Alex had her hearing protection, otherwise we would have had a very rattled 6 year old on our hands.  As it was, she did NOT like being as close as we were (we got kind of 'stuck' between the Castle and Fantasyland-- fireworks were going off on either side of us), but she was a trooper, and we made our way out of the craziness as soon as we could.

Time to finally get back to the hotel and get some sleep!  Goodnight, Magic Kingdom!

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