Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Magic Kingdom

 We got to the Magic Kingdom bright and early for our last full day in the parks.  We had an 8:15am breakfast date with Winnie the Pooh and his friends at the Crystal Palace.

I had all the characters we met sign my Disney Marathon shirt....how cool is THAT for a souvenir?

While the buffet was nice (and Alex even got fresh gluten free waffles made just for her), it ended up taking longer than we anticipated, and it threw us off our RideMax schedule for the day.  I SHOULD have just jumped ahead in the schedule, but the first few rides were still zero wait time, so I tried to push them all together.  We were doing fine until it was time for us to do the Jungle Cruise.  Had I followed the plan, we would have had a 15 minute wait-- since I went rogue, we waited in line for 45 minutes!  That's FOREVER for us!  

We survived, though, and got everything on our list done, including the new Ariel ride, which was a lot of fun-- Alex knows the songs and enjoyed 'seeing' them come to life.

 Details from Prince Eric's castle-  it was really gorgeous

 Meeting Rapunzel...and being totally confused when the Princess asked Alex about details from the movie...like her little friend "Pascal"....should have prepped Alex a bit more for that one.
 Trying to pull the sword from the stone-- no luck this time, but maybe next visit...
 Enjoying the sights and sounds of the Tiki Room.....such fun!

I had to let go of some control this afternoon-- Alex had a Disney gift card which she could choose to spend *gulp* however she wanted to.  Her original idea was to buy an Elsa dress, but it soon became apparent that they were nowhere to be seen.  She then had a decision to make-- either wait and order on online when they were back in stock, OR choose a different dress.  We WERE at the Cinderella castle dress shop, and she made the decision to go with another dress.  So now I have TWO Disney dresses in my house!

My afternoon snack-- a caramel apple!  Yum....and I needed the sugar boost to get me through the last evening.  We headed back to EPCOT, because Alex wanted to ride the Figment ride again...and again....and yes, again.  We also went on the Land ride, which gives you a tour of the EPCOT gardens, and then ate at the Seasons cafeteria, which uses a lot of the produce that they grow right there.  A great, healthy dinner to counteract the 'apple' that I inhaled earlier.
We had a wonderful few days-- I have a delightful daughter who is a fantastic traveling companion.  I look forward to many, many more mama-daughter trips in the future!

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