Friday, February 21, 2014

Justin's "new" room

A 'big guy' needed a little room updating.  Here is a photo tour of his AWESOME new digs.  I am seriously in love with these bunkbeds my dad made--  I still have to officially 'finish' them with some light stain, but for now they're perfect!

One of my favorite features is a little nook under the stairs that provides a spot for Justin's lantern, water and (eventually) clock.
I was so thrilled to find two matching Pottery Barn Kids quilts on Ebay (with shams!)  Score!!
 The aliens that dominated his nursery still have a special spot to watch over the room--
Justin's rotating art display is on his magnet strip-- he loves creating new pieces at school and displaying them in his room!
 The view from the top:  same closet and shelf, only a little less cluttered.  Those three fabric bins are fantastic for holding all the out-of-season clothes JUST out of little hand's reach.
Details from the nursery are still here-- we haven't changed the overall theme!  But dinosaurs sneak in EVERYWHERE....

 The cat thinks the top bunk was made for him.  In fact, he is relieved that somebody is FINALLY treating him the way he deserves to be treated.

OK- are you ready for the BEST PART of the room?  I've been dying to put a pulley in for my kids, but haven't ever really had an appropriate place....until NOW!  Justin has a pulley-system for delivering goods to the second bunk! 
Yep-- it even has a clamp that he can anchor it with!
This is the look of sheer joy!
 There is just enough room for a little 'parking garage' for all of Justin's construction vehicles-- right underneath the stairs!!!! 

My BIG GUY!  This came together so nicely, and now it's the favorite spot in the house to play.

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