Monday, February 24, 2014

Hollywood Studios

Well, it was down to just Alex and Mama for the next two days.  We had a grand time-- I don't know why I EVER thought just having one child was hard!  What a breeze (although I do admit to having pre-panic moments of "where is the little blonde one?!" that set in every time I did a quick head count!).  Alex and I headed to Hollywood Studios this morning-- it's a park that we really only went to because we had Park Hopper passes and Alex wanted to see the Beauty and the Beast Musical.
It was worth it!  We started the day off by rushing to get to Toy Story Mania and were rewarded by 0 wait time (as opposed to a 15 min and rising one when we exited the ride).  Alex had fun 'playing' midway games from the moving car-- I thought it was ok, but it wasn't my favorite.  Too digital for me.  After that ride we wandered around a little and caught the fantastic film about Walt Disney- "Walt Disney- One Man's Dream".  It was inspiring and I loved every minute of his story!
As we exited, Alex caught sight of a Disney Jr. live show-- we didn't really know what to expect, but went in and found a seat.  It was a puppet-based show with singing and dancing-- it definitely would have helped if we knew who any of the secondary characters were!  It looked like the target demographic was the 2-4 year old crowd, but it kept Alex entertained.
Our next stop was the one I'd been waiting for-- the Art of Animation, where we were led in a character-drawing demonstration.  Even though I'd prepped Alex with lots of "you know, this is only for fun" and "it's not going to be perfect-- it's just for practice", she still got pretty frustrated when her version of Tigger didn't measure up to the professional artist's.  Honestly, I think she did an AMAZING job!!  Don't you??

We stopped and played at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground and then caught the first showing of the Beauty and the Beast Musical, which was delightful!  Just as we were leaving the park, the skies started to darken and open up.  We had perfect timing, and arrived back at the hotel the moment the rain stopped.

Alex has never seen the movie, but absolutely loved the shortened stage production presented at Hollywood Studios!

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