Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gender REVEAL party!

The kids have been SO excited to welcome a new cousin this upcoming summer.  Auntie Carrie and Uncle Sam hosted their 'gender reveal' party tonight!
 Everyone had to guess whether Baby Mason (see the jars....get it?) would be a boy or a girl.  We cast our gumballs into the baby Mason jar.
 Pizza, wine, family-- what more is there in life?
 Oh-- Rock Em Sock Em could I forget?
 In what I deem the "coolest gender reveal party" of the century, Sam and Carrie pre-purchased fireworks.  Blue for a boy and Multi-Colored for a girl.  They had their ultrasound technician seal the gender in an envelope and then gave it to their brother-in-law Kyle so he could choose and ignite the right one!

Here we go!  Is it a BOY or a GIRL???

It's a GIRL!!!  Congratulations, Mama and Papa Mason!  We can't wait to meet her in July!

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