Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Special Trip

Dave has a conference in Alex and I decided to ditch this winter weather and head on down with him!  Grandma Mary came into town to watch Justin (and take him to the Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum....details to come).  We were so excited to have a little bit of Mama-Alex time just to ourselves!
So Alex and I headed down to Florida--  we were using Frequent Flier miles, so we couldn't be too picky about our flight times- resulting in a late afternoon flight.....and a short layover in Atlanta.....
Alex slept through take-off AND landing from Atlanta to Orlando.  Once we landed we found Daddy (who had arrived from New Haven just a few hours earlier) and made our way to Disney's Magical Express.  I do have to say, as soon as we were greeted by that first cast member at the airport, I breathed a sigh of relief and it felt like we had arrived...even though we were still a few hours away from snuggling into bed.
We stayed at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort-- and even though the property is very large (there are four internal bus stops to make it all a bit easier to navigate!), we really liked it!
We had a VERY late check-in at our hotel (2am!), but there was a bit of Disney magic waiting for us in the hotel room that first night-
 Tips for travelling at odd hours with a six year old:
1.  Pack snacks and layers of clothing.
2.  Bring the umbrella stroller for late-night connections/layovers in the airport.
3.  Melatonin.  Dr. Zarbee's makes a 1 mg tablet and that was the all-natural little nudge into dreamland that Alex needed to relax for the second flight. 
4.  Adequate travel pillows.  Alex used a neck pillow AND my best travel pillow in the world- the TravelRest.  Between the two, she was able to snuggle in and actually sleep on the plane!

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