Friday, February 14, 2014

A Ski Badger in the making!

The kids each attended ski school and enjoyed it immensely.  Justin's teacher said that he was "a natural athlete" and did a fantastic job following directions-- he just needs some practice time on the slopes to build his confidence (which we definitely have time for this week!).
This is Justin's second year up on skis (well, technically his third if you count the flat-land slipping we encouraged him to do three years ago), and his progress was amazing. 

Here's a video from one of his first days on the run:

Here's a video of a middle day (entitled "Don't Crash into Mama!"):
Later in the week:

On his final skiing day, he was skiing WITHOUT his edgie-wedgie (the orange tubing that was holding the tips of his skis together)!  (I shot this from the lodge...but he's the tiny little skier that you can see!):

Sweet reward:  Every day after skiing, Justin and Alex could pick out an ice cream bar or a hot chocolate almond milk!  What a prize!

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