Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snowy Day

Well, Alex got to go to school yesterday (yay!), and although she doesn't feel 100%, she powered through with the help of some honey and lots of tea.  Today we got ready to go have an adventure and then Daddy called us from the bus stop, telling us that we should stay at home.  The roads were HORRIBLE-- it took him two hours to get to work (normally one hour) on the bus!  So we got back into our jammies and hung out.  We did get to go outside today, though (yippee!!) because the temp hovered around 10 degrees!!!  (Which is a far cry from the -25 it was the other day!)
It also snowed....all day... so we got to do some shoveling and snow-blowing as well.

Admittedly, I should have been disciplining the puppy and not snapping photos...but it was kind of funny...and Kolachi stopped her naughtiness right away when I recalled her (as seen in the last photo).
 The best of friends romping around.  Alex may or may not have been getting the puppy all riled up.
 Sneak ATTACK!
 What?  I wasn't doing anything....she just curled in a fetal position for no reason at all...

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