Friday, January 24, 2014

Sledding Day!

The weather FINALLY warmed up!  We were in the mid 20's today, and a glorious day it was!  I have been dying to get the kids out sledding at Sunfish Lake Park (in Lake Elmo) again.  I was telling Dave about my plans to pack everyone up and head out (he's in CT this weekend for school), and he made a little suggestion that I not bring the puppy.  After mulling it over, I decided that it would be MUCH easier without our dear friend, especially because she'd have to be on-leash and potentially wrapping us up in deadly clothesline situations.
As I ended up pulling Justin up the hill EACH TIME, I am certainly glad I didn't have my four-legged companion along to complicate matters, but we did miss her....  Maybe next year, if I have two adults

After our morning adventure, we stopped by Gorman's Family Restaurant in Lake Elmo, hoping to have some hot chocolate.  Unfortunately, they had no soy milk to make it with, so we ordered a little brunch instead.

Nothing like warm steel-cut oats on a cold day!

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