Saturday, January 4, 2014

Land O' Lakes Dog Show-- round 1

 Well, Hello there RiverRock's Black Velvet....

Today I was introduced to the world of dog shows.  I can't get over how welcoming and supportive all of the people I met were!  You'd think that with the competitive nature of the sport it would be in the best interest of all parties to stick to themselves.  Wrong!  Not only were all of the German Shepherd owners and handlers extremely helpful and friendly, but they all cheered us on.....even when certain puppies who shall remain nameless got a little crazy in the ring.

So-- how did Kolachi do?  Well, she did earn a blue ribbon in the 6-9 month puppy class.  However, this is a little misleading because she was the ONLY entry in the puppy class.  On the bright side, she was not DQ'ed for her puppy antics of jumping and being squirrely in the ring.

Puppy Class:

According to her breeder, and numerous new friends we made today, the puppy class is just a "get out there and see what happens" type of thing.  If we decide to try and finish her (show her until she earns her Champion title- which is a time and numbers game), we wouldn't start in earnest for some time-- until she's matured a bit.

Winner's Class (she's the last one in the row):

Overall, I had a fun time today-- and, based on the amount of tail wagging and excited jumping, she did too.   She got to go into the ring twice-  once to 'compete' in her Puppy Class and once to compete as the winner of the puppy class against all the other bitches.  The second time she did do much better-- although her poor handler seemed a bit at the end of her rope.  We have one more show tomorrow, so we'll see if she can pull it together enough to stand nicely during examination.

I do have to say that I am incredibly impressed with her confidence and excitement about the whole rigamarole.  She was visibly overstimulated (heavy panting) when we first arrived and were walking around the grooming station, taking in the whole thing-- once we found her handler's station, though, she was able to behave appropriately and settle down.

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