Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 2 At the Show!

So-- Kolachi totally redeemed her young self at the dog show today.  She was once again the only puppy entry, and so pranced away with the blue ribbon in her class.  She moved nicely, stood firmly for examination and held her stacked stance like a pro.  It was like she figured out what these crazy people were asking her to do!  She also momentarily got distracted, pulled a little, jumped a little and generally enjoyed her puppy-self in the ring.  The best thing about not having any competition is that she had a second chance to go into the ring-- invaluable training time for any show puppy.  It's almost like watching a different dog compared to yesterday's antics!

Puppy Class: 

Winners Class:

We determined that she does indeed have the temperament for showing- since she had a fun time at her first show, now we back off and let her mature a bit.  I'm pretty sure that I will enroll in a conformation class so that I learn how to be a handler.  While it was amazing to watch Kent and his team work my girl, I felt pretty superfluous...which is not a feeling I enjoy.  I'd rather get in there and compete with her-- not just sit back and watch.  We have no plans to breed her, so I'm not working on a strict timetable to get her finished (earn her Champion title)-- this is great because we can learn and grow together.  Stay tuned for more show news to come-- we'll spend the rest of the winter working her obedience and agility and revisit conformation in the spring.

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