Thursday, January 23, 2014

ANOTHER no-school day!

So far this year I think we've had school cancelled a total of 3 times due to windchill....not snow....windchill!  Today was a little different because Alex doesn't have school on Thursdays anyway, but we decided to get out of the house and take in a change of scenery....the Mall of America.
Normally when we go, we have an agenda.  A "I have to return this item to this store, so we'll park as close as possible, get in and get out" type of thing.  Today we wandered.
We played-- Alex cashed in an IOU from her birthday and got Nikki's hair done at the American Girl store.  Justin's Lynxie watched, but I don't think he was too jealous.
We had sushi (gf) for lunch at CRAVE- our all-time favorite restaurant for both gf fare AND service to families with kids.
We spent $2 driving the remote-controlled trucks at the amusement park (something I've NEVER shelled out before).  We did get a couple of returns (and a bit of exchange shopping) done.  Then, since the kids were SO good, and never once had any issues, we bought some points and rode some rides.  They were thrilled!  Justin kept saying "That truck ride...that was SO much fun.  I got to DRIVE it!"  
....most importantly, Mama didn't spend the day cleaning up messes!  Score!

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