Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy Birthday (a bit early again), Justin--

This kid is going to have the longest birthday week EVER!  Daddy left for Texas this morning, and flies straight to CT for school, so he will be gone for Justin's actual birthday.  So-- we had our family celebration this morning.
Muffins, candle, crown, birthday ring and three gifts-- something to wear, something to play with and something to read.
Justin was VERY proud of dressing himself this morning.  He habitually puts his pants on backwards, but hey- they're ON! (Which, in our family, is a big thing)
He received a vintage Tonka loader (that I scoured ebay to find), a dinosaur shirt and socks that Alex picked out and a book titled Squirrels on Skis...which looks hilarious.  He opened a few cards that came in the mail (thank you Great Aunt Sarah and Great Grandma Alice) and his present from Grandma Mary (a construction-themed sleeping bag and pillow which promptly took up residence in his bed).  What a nice morning with my (almost) three year old!

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