Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dec 8: Justin's Dinosaur Digger Party

Yep.  I used the party as our Advent Activity today.  Nice.....
We had an extraordinary time at the Giggle Factory with our friends and family.  Thank you all for coming and enjoy the pho

 Assemble Your Own gift apron station:

dinosaur socks, organic lollipops, dinosaur silly bands, construction pencils for the gift aprons
 Alex and I made FIMO construction helmets for all of our dinosaur figurines!  They were too cute...
 Water bottles nestled in Home Depot buckets.  Best thing about the party is that we either had or will be able to use most of the decorations!
 The level is keeping the cupcakes straight! :-)
 Chocolate rocks--

 Guests were greeted by the big T-Rex foreman.  He had their construction hats and a Sharpie to write their names!

Work Zone:  Tonka trucks and flannel/felt rocks to move around and build/knock down!

 Reading Zone:  Lots of Dinosaur AND Construction books in a basket on top of Justin's new dinosaur digger blanket that Mama made.

Where's the Birthday Boy?

Rock Candy for our work crew:

Candid shots of our guests:

 Grandma Mary and Papa Bob watched via FaceTime!

Justin was not excited to blow out his candle in front of everyone.  He was a bit shy, so Alex helped him out.

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY, Justin!!

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