Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dec 7: Justin's Birthday at the Afton Holiday Weekend

GranMama and GranPapa had to head back to Iowa this afternoon, but first we celebrated Justin's actual birthday exploring the Afton Holiday Weekend.
Despite the bone-chilling cold, we thoroughly enjoyed visiting the different shops and stops in Afton-- everything was decorated so nicely, there was a horse-drawn wagon shuttling people to each stop.
It wasn't too crowded (probably because of the cold), and there were lots of kid-friendly activites, but the FAVORITE by far was the vintage electric train set up in the Historical Society.

The volunteers not only did a painstaking job setting up the tracks with tons of interesting sights, but they wired the train set so that the kids could be the ones to control it!  Justin got to drive the train, sound the whistle and operate several of the lighted displays!  Best Birthday EVER!

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