Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dec 5: Leave shoes out for Sinterklaas to visit tonight

This activity was a bit un-involved.  It's more about the anticipation of receiving a visit from St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas).  Justin was, characteristically, not a fan of the idea of someone coming into his house at night while we were all sleeping.  He's a smart kid.

Someone asked me recently what winter shoes my kids wear.  I was caught off-guard because from September through May, the only shoes they have are Bogs.  Alex has a pair of dressier riding boots for wearing with Church dresses (but she honestly wears her Bogs to Church 5/6 times).  Justin has only his Bogs.
So it was pretty easy to figure out which shoes to leave by the front door-
Saint Nicholas visited from the stars, and besides all the stardust he left EVERYWHERE, he left a chocolate, a clementine and a new wooden play-clip for each child.

Enjoying some hot chocolate almond milk by the fireplace.  As you can see, Kolachi was invited to remain in her crate whilst we were rolling about with spillable substances on the carpet.

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