Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dec 4: Letters to Santa

Although he JUST opened some presents this morning, today was the day for writing our letters to Santa.  Alex got our materials all ready (and even color-coded the letters with name stickers-- she IS my daughter...) and we spent some time drafting.

 Alex wants: a break-open geode, a lalaloopsy (whatever that is...Santa might need to do some background research), a bow and arrow for training, a disney princess dress and shoes.  She was very strategic this year.  I knew there were a few other things she had been thinking about, but when I asked her about adding them she said "Santa only picks a few things from the list"  Apparently her chances of a 'real' Disney princess dress and shoes are much better this way.  I will admit to being disappointed that she didn't continue her streak of asking for household items, (she's listed a humidifier and a ceiling fan in years past), but I guess that means all her immediate needs have been met ;-)
Justin wants an impact hammer, a combine AND corn, a toy fishing pole with magnetic fish, a REAL fire truck and a fireman who does not have eyes (???), a train bridge that goes up and paint things.  He was very sweet and was very concerned about Percival, so we added a note about his needs as well.

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