Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec 3: Waldorf School Advent Spiral

In order to stay sane this year, I've incorporated some of our yearly school rituals into our own Advent calendar.  So, today was Alex's last kindergarten Advent Spiral.  It was simply beautiful.  It was very moving, thinking about how much my little girl has grown and developed into her own person over the past four years in Miss Brenda's classroom.
Candles waiting to be lit
When the children entered the room to the music, I was barely keeping it together.  Justin distracted me by loudly whispering during the Mary-figure's walk.  When Miss Brenda asked the first child to walk the spiral, and motioned to Alex to begin, I had tears of thankful joy clandestinely falling on my cheeks.
Alex was serious and steady this year.  She took smallish but sure steps towards the center of the spiral, lit her candle with precision and promptly turned to one of the first stars on the floor to place it down.  Then she calmly (but quickly) exited and sat down.  As Brenda gently guided the next child (one of the youngest) through the spiral, I reminisced about her hands on Alex's back that first year.  I am so profoundly grateful for her nurturing presence in my daughter's life-- she is truly a blessing here on earth.
As Justin and I watched the rest of the children discover their way through the spiral (and he did in fact watch everyone-- there may or may not have been a bit of bribery in the works for sitting quietly),  I thought about Alex's transition to First Grade next year-- and Justin's transition to preschool.
Alex's Apple

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