Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dec 25: Happy Birthday, Jesus!

We are so lucky to be able to gather together with family and celebrate Jesus' birthday!  The kids were up at 5:00am .......  seriously.  They were thrilled to run downstairs and find the treasures Santa left for them.
Alex got a bow and arrow, a 'real' Disney princess dress (I know....Santa caved....but it's a Norwegian one, so that has to count for something, right?) AND her long-pined-for LaLaLoopsy.  Santa was smart and got a miniature one-- just like the one that Alex picked out for her Toys For Tots donation.
Justin found out that Santa put BATTERIES inside his vintage Brio 'electric' engine AND set up a little track with his new present, a drawbridge that goes up and down.  He also found a magnetic fishing pole and some art supplies!
GranMama and GranPapa braved the weather and made it up for Christmas Day dinner.  Auntie Carrie joined us later in the day (Uncle Sam was under the weather as well)

After eating, the kids got to open the last of the presents- tractors, books and one Easy Bake Oven!

Unfortunately, Alex learned a hard lesson about toys.  Her Easy Bake-- the one that she'd been wanting forever, broke on the second batch of cupcakes.  The pan became lodged inside-- and since the new design is a 'slide through', there is no way to get it out!
 They have a proprietary screw design so parents can't even take it apart!  She was pretty sad, but we may end up getting her a toaster oven instead- easier to use, she can make much larger batches of goodies, and I can use it too if I need to.   Or she can just use the oven- which she normally does anyway.

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