Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dec 24: Christmas Eve

We were originally planning on attending the afternoon 'family service' at Church this Christmas Eve.  They normally have a really nice children's sermon, lots of crafts and activities for the kids and some beautiful music.  Unfortunately Justin is down for the count.  Fever- achiness- you name it.  So-- we laid low today.  Auntie Rorie came this morning, and was able to help read stories and play with kiddos until her boyfriend Chris arrived for Christmas Dinner.  We ate our traditional 'appetizer dinner' early, as the caveat was that we had to eat 'dinner' before family presents were opened.

The kids got to open their gifts to each other-- I was very impressed by both children's selflessness when it came to picking out gifts for the other.  Alex picked out a dinosaur fire truck book (yep-- combined!)  and stuffed dinosaur.  Justin picked out a rainbow loom idea book and a bunch of bands for his sister.
The best gift of the night, however, was Kolachi's --

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