Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dec 22: Cookie-Decorating

Yep.  This is an entire day's activity at our house.  The icing is made, then colored to the exact right shades.  We all have brand new paintbrushes (my secret cookie-decorating weapon) and bowls of warm water to wash them in.  Then it begins.  We had a blast this year-- and the kids made some very creative cookies!
 Grandma Mary and Papa Bob watched via Skype-  since this is a tradition Auntie Carrie and I started at their house years ago, they always want to join us for a while!
 Because nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a buffalo.  Cookie a la Justin.

Black was his favorite color this year.  Apologies in advance to all who join us for Christmas Day-- your teeth will most likely be greenish-black if you eat one of his creations.  But he will adore you.

 My big helper.  She jumped up and started washing the dishes without any prompting.  I think she's trying really hard to impress Santa...and she's feeling a little better since yesterday.
 Our name-cards for the Christmas Day feast.

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