Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dec 14: Picking out our tree

It was FINALLY time to go pick out our Christmas tree.  We returned to Kreuger's Tree Farm in Lake Elmo for the true Minnesota Christmas Tree experience...  Although we opted to purchase a pre-cut one this year (just a little too cold for Justin to trudge through the fields), we all want to cut our own next year.

 Yep-- even Kolachi got to come along to the Christmas Tree Farm.  She was very well behaved and greeted visitors politely.
 We picked out a tree that Alex was convinced was "too small".  It certainly was one of the smaller trees in the display lot.  When we got it home, we were all surprised at how LARGE it was!  Amazing how perspectives shift. 
Soon after we had it up and stable, Auntie Rorie arrived for a visit!  She was just in time to help trim the tree-

 And read some stories... we went back and forth about putting the Christmas Tree in the living room.  While we all love seeing it in this room, we were a bit concerned about puppy.  Our problem was solved when we rearranged the baby gates in the household, and found a nice tall one that wraps around the tree without sacrificing too much of our view!
Percy warms up by the fire-
Our angel cat, Huxley- has a spot on our Christmas tree forever.  I'm sure he's watching our Holiday unfold from the Rainbow Bridge.

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