Friday, December 13, 2013

Dec 13: Meeting the Big Guy Himself

I was a bit nervous about how Santa photos would go this year-- with Justin being extra-clingy and cautious around strangers, but I needn't have worried.  Once again, the "real" Santa (with the Santa Experience at the Mall of America) pulled through.  Justin was obviously not digging the Santa thing, so he just had Alex come sit by him and engaged her (with hardly a glance at Justin, seated on my lap).
By the end of the ?3 minutes? Justin was smiling and giggling.  Then Santa declared it was "time for a snack" and made a huge deal of leaving the set while Alex and Justin settled into his chair to look at a book.  The photography team was amazing, and simultaneously distracted Justin long enough for Santa to sneak back in, pose in front of the kiddos, and get some good smiles from both!  After the picture was done, Santa gave each kid a lollipop and Justin ended up giving Santa a HUG!!  Unbelievable!
The 5x7 is only $16-- well worth the price for a great experience with Santa (as you can see, I bought two because the one with just Al and S. was way too cute to leave behind).  Plus, we had an appointment, so the wait time was not much at all!  Nicely done, Santa!

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