Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dec 12: Macy's 8th Floor

Today was an adventure of an Epic sort.  We embraced the warm weather (it was 9 degrees!! What a welcome change from -25....I'm not even saying this sarcastically!) and embarked upon a morning of magic and wonder.
Justin loves trains, so we parked our car at the Mall of America and hopped on the Light Rail towards downtown.  The ride in was very quiet-- only a few passengers shared our car, and we had a wonderful time enjoying the experience (about 40 min or so).  We got our hats and mittens back on to get off at the Nicollet Mall stop, walked a block or so to the RBC Center and scurried inside to take advantage of the great Skyway system that Minneapolis has. 
I totally forgot that the entire skyway would be decorated for the Holidays, and we had a lovely walk to Macy's- commenting on the beautiful trees, lights and bows the whole way.
Once we reached our destination, we headed up to the 12th floor to meet Daddy for lunch at the cafeteria.  It was perfect timing (around 11:30), because we beat the lunch rush and were able to have a nice visit before going back down a few flights to the 8th floor Santaland display. 
I was a bit worried that Justin would be scared of the animatronics, but once we explained that they were just robots and couldn't come off their stages, he relaxed and had a great time. 
We were there at such a low-volume time (noon) that we could really take our time and spy all the details-- cats napping in baskets, little tiny mice hidden in corners, etc. 
We skipped the line for Santa (we have an appt to see 'the real Santa' at the Mall of America tomorrow), caught part of an orchestra concert in Gavidae Commons and said goodbye to Daddy before hopping back on the train. 
The trip back was a bit more crowded, and the kids were not excited to have to ride "backwards" (their seats faced the wrong way), but we broke out our snacks, had some conversations with fellow passengers and made it back to the car happy and smiling.
This was a great morning!

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