Sunday, December 15, 2013

Alex's Christmas Performance

It's days like this that I am reminded that my daughter is her own person- with her own likes and dislikes.  As many personality traits and characteristics as we share, she is not a clone of me.  She dislikes performing.  From what I can tell it's not just an 'I'm nervous' type of feeling, but a deeply felt uncomfortableness with the idea and actuality of people looking at her (and, I'm assuming, judging her).  It makes me really sad that she is so self-conscious at her young age, but it's definitely a trait of her melancholic temperament (which she shares with her Daddy, who only JUST learned to be comfortable with public speaking once he entered the workforce).   This, of course, doesn't mean that we won't encourage her to participate in performance activities, but it is important for me to realize that her feelings are true and real for her, and it takes courage to face those feelings and be triumphant!
A clip from Alex's concert:
When we got home from Church, Auntie Rorie rewarded Alex's bravery by doing some very special Heidi braids in her hair.  I watched closely, but only time will tell if I am able to recreate this look!


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