Monday, December 16, 2013

Advent Season at the Marotz House

Here's a quick look inside our house as we have it ready for the Advent season.

Ornaments from our travels on the tree-- in the front is a Nepalese ornament (which is hilarious, because there is virtually no Christianity in Nepal....but for the tourists, there is!), behind is a wooden egg from Starya Russa, Russia (where I spent a brief visit in college).
 Our advent wreath (made by Alex) and candelabra on the kitchen table.
 My favorite Nativity set has a new home--
 An antique deer I found a few years ago.  He normally lives on our Winter Nature Table, but also found new lodgings for the Christmas season.
Wait.... What??  There's a dog on my coffee table?   (It's actually 'ok'.  She's not allowed on the couch, but the coffee table is the perfect height and size for practicing our pause table for agility.  So it's now hers.)
 Close up of the sweet gingerbread house the kids made-
 My Scandinavian wreath.  IKEA.  Brilliant, right?
 The living room.
 Warm quilts....
 The chalkboard in the hall has a seasonal drawing of King Winter--  like we could ever forget that our Minnesota world is covered in snow!
 More straw ornaments-- this is a garland that runs over the office doorway.
 The reason for the season.  I've worked hard this year to keep Christmas and Advent Christ-centered.  In our house, we try to always have a MEANING behind the Christmas activities and traditions we have.  For example, our kids receive three Christmas presents on Christmas Eve to symbolize the three gifts that the Magi brought baby Jesus.  Santa brings a few gifts on Christmas Day not just because the kids have been "Nice", but because he, too, is celebrating Christ's birth.

In the spirit of transparency, my house is clean AT THIS MOMENT.  That is why I took photographs.  Here is my couch a few days ago.  Thank you.

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