Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve Lefse-Making

GranPapa's family always celebrates Thanksgiving in a fantastic way-- they reserve the retreat center at the Lake Shetek Bible Camp (ELCA).  Everyone gets their own rooms and bathrooms (some really LUCKY people get the bunkbed rooms :-) , and we share fellowship and food in the beautiful main rooms, kitchens and library.  This year Alex, Justin, Dave and I headed there on Wed evening (Thanksgiving eve?).  We arrived and had the choice of rooms-- each one is decorated differently (there's a farm room, lighthouse room, cabin room, etc.)  The kids ran down the hallway to the bunkbed room and snatched it up!
Thanksgiving eve with the Jones/Johnson family is always about Lefse.  This family has group lefse making down to an art!
Alex watched, transfixed by the thin pieces magically browining on the griddle.  Maybe next year I'll research a gf lefse recipe so we can use GranMama's griddle and make some of our own to try!

GranMama brought Justin a can full of dominos to play with.  Despite what his face says in this photo, he was excited about it.  He just was NOT excited about a photo ;-P

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