Friday, November 29, 2013

S.V. Jones

One of the most fascinating stories from the Jones annals is the story of the life of S.V. Jones- this would be Justin and Alex's Great-Great-Great GranPapa.

 He was the topographer on the second expedition of the Colorado River (1871-1872) under John Wesley Powell.  The Jones family has lent some artifacts to museum exhibitions in the past, but they were brought to our Thanksgiving this year in order to share them with family members who had not gotten a chance to see them yet.
 His cartography tools-
As part of a display, quotes from his diary - this one resonated with me after my Everest Base Camp adventure.  Only I had 14 DAY old clothes-- not 18 MONTH old ones!
Some of his notes/drawings in a leather-bound sketchbook-  What a treasure!
 His well-used wooden lap desk with glass inkwell-- inside are the keys to the desk.
 His leather folio--

 A fascinating part of Jones family history-- I am so glad I got to see and photograph these special pieces!  If there are any Jones who missed Jeanne's talk, Dave has it on video, so email me and I can get it to you--

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