Saturday, November 2, 2013

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store!

For anyone out there who thinks that I am totally UNFAIR for inviting the Pumpkin Fairy into our home the night of Halloween to remove most of our candy, here you go:  I am not a sugar-hating Mama.  Two days after the big night, Megan and I went to Minnesota's largest candy store with our kiddos!
The key is moderation, right?  So-- after walking and browsing the rows and rows and rows and rows....and rows of candy (seriously- it was way overwhelming), the kids got to each pick one thing to bring home.  Justin picked gummi dinosaurs.  Alex picked sour patch kids.  Yep-- the same things you can get at Walgreens or the gas station.  Never mind the fact that there were retro candies from my past (Razzles, Pop Rocks, candy cigarettes anyone?), candies from around the world (Jamacian chocolates and Russian teacake thingys), and homemade candies (fresh fudge, homemade nut rolls, caramel apples- which I had).  Sour Patch kids. ;-)  go figure.
REALLY wish I would have pulled out my camera inside the store, but it was super crowded and I was trying to just not lose my children.


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