Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ho, Ho....NO WAY!!

A few weeks ago, the kids and I headed to Kolachi's doggie daycare to visit Santa.  As soon as we entered the facility, I knew it had been a mistake.  The odor of cleaning supplies and dog hair (while completely appropriate for a pet boarding facility) did nothing to put us in the Holiday spirit.  Then we turned the corner and saw a makeshift backdrop, small sleigh and friendly, if somewhat not 'authentic' Santa.  Justin balked at the door to the room, and I didn't push it.
Alex valiantly climbed up next to Santa and Kolachi to take a photo and stalwartly got through the ordeal.  I think I'll crop her out of the framed one-- she just looks too uncomfortable.
As we left, I assured the kids that this was NOT the real Santa (they've already decided, based on our family photos and experiences from years past, that the Professor Bellows Mall of America Santa is the REAL one).  We have an appointment to see him later this month, but it was nice to have a photo of Kolachi with Santa nonetheless
Sigh.    Here's the cute version:
 Next year we'll see if we can bring Kolachi on 'pet night' to the Mall of America.  To see the REAL Santa.

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