Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Early Birthday, Justin!

Well, Grandma Mary and Papa Bob returned to Arizona last weekend, but we had something else to look forward to.  Another early Christmas celebration with Grams and Gramps.  They arrived bearing both birthday (Justin) and Christmas (everyone) presents, so we had to make a plan.
We decided Justin's early birthday was Thursday, early Christmas was Friday and the rest of the weekend could be playtime!
We had a feast with a lot of Justin's favorite foods--  california rolls, potato salad, chicken and gf chocolate cake!  Justin got to open his present- and he was VERY excited to discover he was the proud new owner/operator of a front-end loader.
Kolachi received HER Christmas present (who are we kidding-- this was MY present) a day early, since the weather was so nice.  A puppy agility kit, which is a lot of fun.  Paired with the jump and tunnel we already had, we could construct a full course in the backyard (which I'm sure the neighbors loved seeing).

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