Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Animal Crackers

Wednesdays are the day that Justin and I have no where to be, nothing on the agenda while Alex is in school.  Today he wanted to bake, and we found a GF Animal Cracker recipe to give a whirl.  (We don't have actual little animal cracker cookie cutters, but our wide variety of normal sized cutters worked just as well!)
I am so enjoying the little person that Justin is becoming.  He is kind, patient (for the most part), a good listener and pretty darn funny.  He's perhaps a bit on the 'fussy' side when it comes to having his hands dirty, but perhaps he'll grow out of that ;-)  Also.... he prefers not to have full-length pants.  Ahem.

Sister got to enjoy the fruits of our labor when she arrived home from school:
 Recipe verdict:  Yummy-  definitely more like a tea cookie or shortbread- not too sweet, but just crumbly enough to enjoy with a big glass of chocolate almond milk!

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