Saturday, October 5, 2013

William O'Brien State Park

To combat the 'Daddy-less' weekend, I've decided to pack everyone up and get outside on the Saturdays that Dave is in New Haven.  Not that this is way different than how we spend our free time, anyway, but these Saturdays we tend to wander a little further from home.
The original plan was to check out Arcola Mills-- however, it is currently run in conjunction with the National Park the government shutdown shut down our Plan A.  Luckily, we were within 20 minutes of William O'Brien State Park.  We've never visited it before, because we're always headed past to Interstate State Park-- so today was a perfect opportunity to check it out.
We found a lovely trail, packed gravel-- fairly flat, to walk.  I was extremely proud of all of my charges.  Alex is a seasoned hiker and didn't complain AT ALL about being tired.  Kolachi was super-excited to be on her flexi-lead, and practiced her manners when we were passed by other hikers and their dogs.  Justin, however, was my star of the hike.  He walked the ENTIRE WAY by himself (2.6 miles, according to my gps)!  We took it really slowly, and had lots of treats (both canine and human) to keep our blood sugar high and happy.  We were rewarded by some gorgeous views, beautiful leaves, a surprise stream that ran into the St. Croix River, and a trumpeter swan sighting.

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