Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treating

 It's pretty safe to say that my animals loathe Halloween.  That is all.

 My two Dalmatian puppies were very excited to go trick-or-treating.  Auntie Carrie came over to help out (THANK YOU CARRIE!!!!), and we stuck a "Please Take One" sign on our big basket of pretzels and gluten-free cheez balls in order to all enjoy a little door-to-door action.  
Kolachi is now convinced that Halloween means chicken.  Chicken when she saw people dressed up in masks- chicken when she was brave enough to let them pet her- chicken when she waited patiently at the end of a driveway for her kids to come back from a 'scary neighbor's house.  It was a socialization success!  Plus, who doesn't love a German Shepherd Puppy in a pumpkin costume?

We started at 5:45-ish, finished by 6:30, put out our candy for the Pumpkin Fairy, and were tucked into bed by 7.  Done and done! True Confessions: Then Mama put her feet up, watched a little Netflix and ate a scandalous amount of non gluten-free candy.  
(The Pumpkin Fairy left "REAL playdoh", two vinyl records, and an amber necklace for Alex)

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