Thursday, October 10, 2013

Soup-Making Day

There's nothing better than pulling an already-prepared soup off of the pantry shelf after a long winter's day.  The kids and I decided that it was time to stock up, and we got to work preparing a few soups to pressure can this afternoon.
 It had been quite a while since we'd all worked together in the kitchen.  During the summer, the backyard called quite a bit-- and they'd flit in and out while I worked. Today, however, they were both diligent and focused on the task at hand.  We're all ready for fall to arrive, and can feel that preparations are of the utmost importance.  (Well.....not really, since we have the convenience and luxury of grocery stores and restaurants....but we still get that feeling that we need to put by for the season!)
 Lots of potatoes to wash, peel and chop.

 Justin loves his "little knife".  Alex has graduated to a paring knife.  They both handle them extremely well!
 Our first batch was potato-leek soup.  Leeks in the bottom, potatoes on top, homemade chicken stock (pulled from the freezer) over everything.  We will heat and puree-- add a bit of coconut milk or almond milk and top with some cheese and bacon.  Yum!

 Our second soup was a ragtag 'veggie' soup.  We used potato, carrot, kale, rutabaga (because that's what we got from the CSA this week), leeks and some garlic for good measure.  Chicken stock in this one, too--
 Some of the finished product.  (Pressure canned at 11 pounds for 75 minutes).  I had a bit of a lid explosion on one jar (I tried to rush the cooling process....oops), so there are bits of potato all over the outside of these jars, but we'll ge them wiped down as soon as they are cool!
Happy Fall Preparations to you!

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