Friday, October 11, 2013

Quick Zoo Visit

Before I realized that I'd scheduled a freezer repairman to come by the house, the kids and I headed out to the Minnesota Zoo for a morning outdoors.  Luckily, the GE Repair shop that we called has an ingenious text service to let you know when the serviceman is 'on his way'.  We managed to make it home before he arrived, but were sad to call a perfect morning's outing short.
 The new baby Tapir was our favorite today-- SOOO cute, and just starting to change her coloring from stripes and spots to the blocked black and white of her Mama.
 Other than the quick trip on the Rainforest Trail, we spent the rest of the morning outside.
 Justin is convinced he has a wiggly tooth...
 Playing with our favorite sculptures- the Tiger family!


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