Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Everybody loves a montage...

I haven't done this yet, but I thought...since our little girl is in the 'gangly' pre-teen stage, I'd do a quick week-by-week photo montage.  Enjoy!

3 Days:
12 Days:
3 Weeks:
5 Weeks:
8 Weeks:
9 Weeks:
10 Weeks:
11 Weeks:
12 Weeks:
13 Weeks:
14 Weeks:
15 Weeks:

She's really becoming a wonderful companion!  We've passed the "bite EVERYTHING" stage and entered a calmer, mellower stage-- the kids can lay on the floor next to her without being pounced upon and she's even worked out an "arrangement" with Percival-- one where he is only the object of her attention when he wants to play.  She is a lovely loose-leash walker and is also working on a barrage of tricks- our favorite is "high five"!

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