Tuesday, October 1, 2013

6 Years Upon the Earth

"I woke up last night and I was so sore because I was growing and turning six".  This pretty much sums up our sensitive, intuitive, melancholic, adventurous, nurturing and utterly delightful daughter!
 Six candles on my cake, six kisses when I wake.
 A new figure appeared in the birthday ring to symbolize Alex's Hawaii party.
 Birthday letters, notes and cards waited for her to read them.
 Our birthday crown made it's third appearance since it's creation.
 Fresh gluten-free Blueberry muffins greeted the Birthday girl.
 Daddy helped tie on her Birthday Rainbow cape-- it symbolizes the Rainbow Bridge that she crossed on her way down to earth (and the one we all cross on our way back to Heaven).
 Daddy got her a very special poetry book.  She loves memorizing poetry, and thinks Shel Silverstein is a hoot (who doesn't?)
 Justin picked out some very special toys-- wooden fences for her barn/fairy house.  She received a pair of new pajamas from me.  Something to wear, something to read and something to play with.  For as crazy as our parties can seem, it's the small "Family Party" that everyone really looks forward to.
After breakfast, we all headed to school to share in Alexandra's 6th Birthday celebration.  We enjoyed a lovely nature walk with all the children, and then were invited to watch a special puppet play that her teachers put on just for her.  It told the story of how she was created- from the rocks, bones, waters and air-- and how every part of Nature rejoiced when she was made.
 On their birthdays, our children get to request ANY meal they want for dinner.  Alex decided she wanted sushi, so we stopped at Kowalski's to pick some rolls out.  She chose a California roll (crab, avocado-- pretty tame) and then she decided that she needed to try the octopus salad (which I'd been avoiding because I was pretty sure she wouldn't really eat it).
She is such an adventurous soul-- she was concerned about the octopus grabbing her throat (remembering the stories that Daddy and I had about our cuisine in Korea)- but once we told her it was cooked, she gave it a try.  She ate an entire serving.  (Meanwhile, Justin kept asking for 'more of that gummy stuff' and ate three himself!)

Happy Birthday, Dear Alex!  Your Daddy and I are so thrilled to have been chosen to be your parents!

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