Sunday, September 15, 2013

Unmarked Park!

We've driven past this unmarked (city?) park for a year or so now, wondering about what it was, and finally decided to take a nature walk there today after a neighbor mentioned it being a great place to take her dog off-leash.  Kolachi is nowhere near being able to be there off-leash, but we did have an amazing adventure.  Enjoy the photos below!
 Big Sister helps Brother get his mittens on.  They didn't stay on too long, but it was just on the chilly side.
 Practicing our obedience on our walk.
 "It's a fairy umbrella, Mama!"

 (check out our 'mangey' dog-- her puppy fuzz is disappearing.... she has a 'racing stripe' of adult fur down her back, which, in contrast to the fluff, looks really strange!)

 Justin and Alex were delighted to discover a "jungle gym tree".

 Got to get some agility training in wherever we are!

 Justin took a break in the middle of the trail.  Too much jungle-gyming!

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