Friday, September 13, 2013

Ravine Adventure

We headed out to Carpenter Nature Center this morning to a)run around and get some wild and crazies out and b)check out their apple shack to see if the Chestnut Crabs are ready yet.  We succeeded in the first endeavor!
 Kolachi- 11 weeks old
 We arrived at 8am, right as the park opened.  The dew was still on the grass.
Today, instead of taking our usual hike to the river overlook, we decided to explore a "ravine overlook" that we've always...well...overlooked.  It was a HUGE hit!
 It's been very dry lately, so there was no mud-- lots of sticks and branches (enough to build a HOUSE), no bugs (too chilly) and tons of mossy rocks and fallen trees to scramble over/on.
 The kids spent an hour and a half constructing a shelter and setting up 'camp'.  Kolachi alternated between digging the forest floor (a treat, because she's been denyed digging up the carpet, the garden, the dog run....well-- pretty much anything she's attempted to dig) zooming around the ravine bottom after Justin, sniffing and sniffing interesting things and keeping a sharp eye on "her" kids.

I loved it because even though we would wander pretty far apart, I knew that there was no where for the kids to get lost-- two steep ravine sides kept them in the bottom, there was no running water anywhere, and they were in bright colors so we could spot them from a distance.
They were both very brave explorers-- which always makes my heart warm with pride!
What a beautiful, free-play morning!

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