Friday, September 27, 2013

Puppies Everywhere!

Puppies, Puppies, Everywhere!!  Cathleen accompanied me to Kolachi's GSD Puppy Class on Friday night to be my official photographer.  Those darn puppies are so fast, though, that they're hard to catch on film!  (Mine is the one with the green collar).  She's the second youngest, but they're all catching up to each other in size.
 We begin each class with an off-leash puppy playtime.  Kolachi is one of the only 'only dogs', so she has a lot to learn about how to play.  Her first reaction is to run, leading a merry chase.  This kicks the other puppy prey drives into high gear and we end up with some craziness.  There are time-outs given.  The other puppies calm back down and Kolachi starts it all over again.
 After playtime, it's time for some focused one-on-one training in the big ring.  Kolachi likes to show off all of her tricks.
High-five, Mama!  We've got all these other puppies beat in the obedience department!

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