Saturday, September 7, 2013


Dave's back in CT for the weekend-- The Mulders took pity on us and invited us to join them for a parade in Jordan this morning.  We all loaded up in the minivan (love that thing!) and headed to find a perfect shady spot on a quiet little small town street.

Justin had the time of his life!  He was thrilled that the fire trucks (2-- count them, 2!!) were "squirting candy".... (I think there was a guy throwing it out of the window, but I love the visual he experienced!).  He saw tractors, more tractors, a "JOHNNY DEERE!!!!!" (screamed at the top of his lungs), police cars, huge tree movers and an assortment of cool old cars and trucks. 
Even Miss Sadie enjoyed the parade!  Well, at least the marching band....She and her Daddy spent a bunch of time trying to get her to nap, but you can't win them all!
The girls enjoyed the never-ending parade of small town princesses and royal courts.  Seriously.  We probably saw at LEAST 10 royal courts from Jordan and surrounding communities. 
My favorite were the "Kolacky" princesses.... because, well, of our Kolachi (spelling bastardized so that people can pronounce it correctly) at home.

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