Thursday, September 12, 2013

In Our Kitchen

There's really not a lot of time to can and preserve when you have an active puppy.  Nonetheless, I've manage to put by some pizza sauce (fantastic for fast throw-together gluten-free pizza dinners) and can some peaches.  Here's a quick glimpse inside the kitchen.  I've been minus two kitchen helpers because the weather's been so nice-- they've been playing outside whilst the 'rest' of us work away in the house. 
With the addition of a canine to the house, Percival is now allowed in spaces once forbidden-- namely the kitchen island.  He needs a safe zone from the overzealous puppy, and I suppose this is as good as any place.  Besides, he keeps me company when I'm canning!
 The other thing "cooking"-- Kolachi is now up to 15 commands!  Some in German (just for fun), some in English.  She's one smart little German Shepherd, and responds very well to clicker training! :-)

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