Sunday, September 22, 2013

Guten Tag!

We headed out to the Renaissance Festival for our annual visit.... just us and three thousand of our closest friends.  Seriously.  It was SO busy that Auntie Carrie and Daddy couldn't even find a turkey leg stand that still had product!
It was Oktoberfest weekend (hence our outfits), so the Special Events field had free beer tasting, German music and dancing along with a smattering of German food.  I was a bit disappointed at the lack of Oktoberfest-i-ness.  It was pretty dead on that side of the festival.
Everywhere else, though, was so busy you had to watch every step you took.  Luckily we brought our wagon, so Ze Boy could ride in style.  His best line from the afternoon was "What is HAPPENING here?"  
We had a great time, but definitely didn't get to do everything we normally enjoy-- just too crowded!  Luckily the weather was beautiful, and we DID see a fire show (Justin's choice), we found Twig the fairy (Alex's request), some of us enjoyed turkey legs (Thanks for sharing, Chris) and Dave got his pickle(s).
 The crew--  Daddy, Alex, Mama, Uncle Sam, Auntie Carrie, Auntie Rorie, Chris (not picured: Justin, Gramps and Grams).  Our group definitiely added to the overpopulation problem!
 Waiting in line to see the MERMAIDS, Alex noticed something drifting down from above:  Father Christmas was blowing bubbles for the children from the top of his house!
 We also found "The Painted Lady" who let children paint HER as she told stories.
 He woke up for the snakes....
 Alex loves, loves, loves listening to stories, and the Ren Fest is a Waldorf child's dream of wonderful storytellers around each corner!

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