Monday, September 2, 2013

Battle Creek Park

We had to vacate the house today-- Daddy was home from work, but needed a few hours of quiet study time-- so we packed up and headed to Battle Creek park (about 15 min from our house).  They have an apparently pretty nice dog park, but we are under strict orders to NOT bring Kolachi to an off-leash area--there are unfortunately too many dogs and people who don't have good manners, and we don't want her to be intimidated or attacked when she's in her socialization period.  So we headed to the 'people trail' (as alex calls it) and went for a beautiful, if slightly chilly (!) hike.  We actually met quite a few well-behaved, leashed dogs for her to socialize with, as well as many many people who were enjoying the morning out.
 Snack break!

 Justin SO wanted to keep on exploring, but little puppy paws were getting tired (and I knew his little almost-three-year-old legs would soon be tiring as well).
I love fall-- it's my favorite season, and I'm so looking forward to getting our sweaters and hats out for good!

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