Monday, August 19, 2013

Zoo Camp Begins... Socialization Begins, too!

It's my goal to take a similar photo every week to show Kolachi's growth, which I'm sure will be quite amusing at the end of the year! Here's her "8 Week" photo.
 Alex started MN Zoo Camp this week- of course- the first week that our puppy is home and we're trying to housetrain her.  It actually is a really good thing, because what's better for car training a puppy than 5 days of back and forth to Apple Valley?  This first day she was a bit whiny in the car, but she soon settled down (after 10 min or so) and rode comfortably.

 After we dropped Alex off, Kolachi, Justin and I took a tour of a few parks in Apple Valley.  It was a good lesson in terrain, and Kolachi learned the cue "kennel up" rather quickly.  She's also working on targeting my hand in preparation for the "here" command.  We got her to jump up to touch/target it at the park today-- she's one smart cookie!
 Justin was SO excited to find a dinosaur to ride!
 Selfie with my big, bad German Shepherd.
 Playing at the park

 Waiting to pick up Sister from Zoo Camp-  I was pleasantly surprised when, after patiently sitting for pets from a bunch of adoring kids and parents, Kolachi recognized Alex, went up to her and wanted to play/interact immediately.  It's our goal to have 3 new experiences, meet 3 new dogs and meet 3 new people every day, so this was a success!

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